25 July 2010

Dubsteppers For Haiti Volume 4

Pre-release available now on Digital-Tunes. Reserve your download now for the release date of 8/4. Save some Haiti with me, fam.

11 July 2010

Two Beans - Moonlight Dub (sample) - Forthcoming on Dubsteppers for Haiti Vol. 4

Forthcoming on Dubsteppers for Haiti Vol. 4 by Betamorph Recordings and 2012 Recordings.

Album sales to benefit the Haiti relief effort, which is still going on. Hurricane season is here, and these earthquake victims are living in tents *at best* for shelter.

All money raised is donated to AmeriCares, a charity with a unique model that allows $3,500 of humanitarian aid to be provided for every $100 donated. This includes critical medical supplies, nutritional supplements and other vital assistance. Please see http://www.americares.org/ for more information.

Check it, den pick it up when it drops. Save some Haitians wit me. Hurricane season is here, and these folks are living in tents at best.

Two Beans - Moonlight Dub sample by Two Beans/DJ.2B

10 July 2010

Upcoming shows in July

X-Day was the best X-Day ever. Glad the flying saucers failed once again. Here's why.

Apparently it's been relocated to Lake Anna, VA now. Biggups to B.A.D.ASS & Slow Kids

Big fonkin' show in DC thrown by the one and only 3D Productions.