04 December 2011

Two Beans - 04 Dec 11 - Lifted Enlightenment

Finally had enough free time laced with motivation to put out that new mix I've been meaning to do for a minute now. Some tunes that I been feelin' for a few months, as well as a few of my own pieces tossed in for shameless self-promotion.

For some non-shameless, non-self promotion, check out the homie Kosmonot's Soundcloud page here. He dropped some of his bass jewelz on me for this mix, so if you liked em check out the other mad vibes he's got.



01. Kosmonot - Alone | Ghostface Killah w/ Raekwon, U-God, Papa Wu - Black Jesus (intro)
02. Kahn - Tehran
03. Commodo - Saracen
04. Planas - Roots Music
05. sMILOdon - Play The Roots
06. Radikal Guru - King Kong
07. Two Beans vs The Evolution Control Committee - The Fucking Moon
08. Filth Collins & Pop The Hatch - Let Me Go (2B.rmx)
09. Two Beans - Agent of Chaos
10. ASAP Rocky - Bass (2B.rmx)
11. Tunnidge - Ghost Dance
12. Megalodon - High Rollin
13. Cutkachi - Out Space
14. Goth-Trad - Sublimation
15. Kosmonot - No Good
16. DJ Madd - Detroit Skank
17. DZ - Chalice Dub
18. DJ Madd - Rizla Dub
19. V.i.v.e.k - Feel It
20. DJ Madd - Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds Remix)
21. Ghostface Killah w/ Raekwon, U-God, Papa Wu - Black Jesus


Get lifted.

08 October 2011

FILTH FM - Shux with Guest Mix 2Beans - Thursday 29th September

I dropped by Shux's place the other day to be a guest on his FILTH.FM show. My man brings in the grimyniss for the first hour, and then I drop my originals and remixes before taking it deep for the close.

I'd also like to knote that apperently High-Ride has the know-how to operate a microphone much better than I do. My entire "Shux is holding me hostage at gunpoint to introduce myself" introduction is inaudible. welp.

Download link - http://filthfm.podomatic.com/enclosure/2011-10-04T23_19_53-07_00.mp3

2B Guest Mix Setlist.

01. Two Beans vs The Evolution Control Committee - The Fucking Moon
02. Two Beans - Moonlight Dub
03. Two Beans - Foregone Destruction (Skaarj Assault Remix)
04. Two Beans - Far Eye
05. Two Beans - Tha Tinkle Choon
06. Two Beans - Agent of Chaos
07. Addison Groove - Footcrab (2B.rmx)
08. Filth Collins & Pop The Hatch - Let Me Go (2B.rmx)
09. Percept - Mind Games
10. V.i.v.e.k - Feel It
11. Hatcha & Kromestar - Cibertron
12. Cyrus - Visions
13. Silkie - Snowed In
14. Dee:see - Take It Back A Decade
15. Emalkay - A. G. S
16. Maddslinky - 50 Shades of Peng (feat Skream)
17. MRK1 - Trip Down the Nile
18. sMILOdon - Play The Roots (mysteriously cut due to technical difficulties)
19. V.i.v.e.k - Roots
20. sMILOdon - Vibes
21. P-Note - Meditation

Mix permalink - http://filthfm.podomatic.com/entry/2011-10-04T23_19_53-07_00

Shux - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shux/218249704879748
FILTH.FM - http://www.filth.fm/ | http://filthfm.podomatic.com

07 September 2011

Two Beans vs The Evolution Control Committee - The Fucking Moon

Two Beans vs The Evolution Control Committee - The Fucking Moon by Two Beans/DJ.2B

The Fucking Dubstep Remix of ECC's track featured on their Plagiarythm Nation v 2.0 release. I got the idea that I absolutely HAD TO remix it while they played it during their live set at X-Day 14.

Check out these batman-with-ableton motherfuckers right here:


11 July 2011

X-Day 14 Sets

Three sets for ya'll to peep recorded at THE End of the World to end all Ends of the Worlds. First off is my solo set recorded as part of the "Renegade 'Frop Sessions" all-night Not-A-Rave event. The audio quality isn't the bestest, but for something not from the boards it's still pretty good.

After that are the two part 6 Fisted Tales of Connie impromptu jam session (recorded from the boards this time). Featuring myself with dubs and trying to act like I can scratch, Suds Pshaw on guitar, Slanderbob also on guitar, Bishop Stick on bass guitar, Hazel Desmoulins on the motherfucking SITAR, with additional backup by I forget who on tabla, and Thatan on kazoo and slide-whistle (hey, it's a SubGenius jam). TABLA BEATOFF SCIENCE, NUGGA WUT.

Here's the dl'z

DJ.2B at X-Day 14
6 Fisted Tales of Connie part 1
6 Fisted Tales of Connie part 2


19 May 2011

2 New 2 Beans Tunes 4 U

First up is Far Eye, an original piece I put together yesterday on my new Studio (and gaming, lol) PC. It's deep, and the beat isn't afraid to switch it up on ya. Dubby Sci-Fry vibes innit.

2B - Far Eye by Two Beans/DJ.2B

Next is a simple remix I did to How to Destroy Angels - The Space in Between. I was pretty much just playin around with the stems grabbed from NIN Remix. Put em together, pour on some fx, and added drums and bass to come up with this haunting and hitting track.

How to Destroy Angels - The Space in Between (2B Remix) by Two Beans/DJ.2B

06 April 2011

Addison Groove - Footcrab (2B.rmx)

My remix of Footcrab by Addison Groove (http://www.myspace.com/addisonsgroove/). The original and the VIP mix have been storming through the dance scene for a minute now, with the 3rd "Stomp" version looming over the horizon. Here's my take on the tune, beefing up the 808 bass a little, and giving a little more of a Dubstep vibe in parts.

Addison Groove - Footcrab (2B.rmx) by Two Beans/DJ.2B

28 March 2011

Two Beans - 28 Mar 11 - Full Moon Gathering

March 19th, 2011. The Moon was closer than it had been in the last 20 years, and I intended on introducing it to Dubstep in it's deepest forms while it was paying a visit. BAD A.S.S. Raves, Slow Kids, and The Record Cutter were throwing a little gathering of the tribes on the DMT Land, and here's the shamanic ritual soundtrack I dropped on that fateful night.


01. Tiki Taane - Tangaroa
02. Tiki Taane - Tangaroa (Bulletproof VIP)
03. ANS - Dubha
04. Matoa - Alka
05. DJ Aspekt - The Uprising
06. Sigha - Lesser People
07. Cotti - Tamil Dub
08. 2562 - Morvern
09. Searchl1te - The Healing
10. Goth Trad - Sun Beam
11. June Miller - Brussels North (Wascal Remix)
12. Ghosthack - Beyond
13. Mala - New Life Baby Paris
14. Kromestar - Trust
15. SP:MC & LX ONE - Judgement
16. Nuphlo - Heer
17. The Widdler - Psydefect
18. d-Queue - Z.A.M.N.
19. Prospecta - We Must Escape
20. Octa Push - Quebu Sabe
21. Ramadanman - Blimey
22. Truth - Stolen Children
23. Distance - Fractured
24. L-OW - Lost Valley
25. Tunnidge - Tribe

Run time: 1:00:34

Travel to the dark and deep side of the moon...

21 February 2011

Two Beans - Beep Boop Beep (Video Games) - 21 Feb 11

Ever wonder exactly how many Dubstep remixes of video game music there are out there?

I used to.

Played this set live at The Black Hole by Baltimore, MD last Saturday night for the "Mushroom Kingdom 2" Mario Bros themed rave. We sold out the venue the night before the party, 300+ headcount. From 10:30 to 11:30 I subjected a packed room full of kandy kids to my Nintendo Dubsteps.

00. Flash Tub: Tub Bites Vol. 4 "Gaming Robot" from Something Awful
01. Fraser Mills - Tetris Dubstep [Tetris]
02. Rhythmicon - Hydro Dub (revised for the OC Crew) [Super Mario 64]
03. Dub Crookz - Mario's Castle [Super Mario Bros]
04. Stereologue - Still Playing Games (Super Mario Bootleg) [Super Mario Bros]
05. Rumblejunkie - Training [Punch Out!!]
06. Derelict - Streetfighter
07. Tek Step - Street Fighter Remix [Street Fighter 4]
08. Rusko - Bionic Commando [Bionic Commando]
09. Khoal - Air Man [Mega Man 2]
10. College Hill - Song of Time VIP [Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]
11. Ross Kmet - Human Music
12. Legend4ry - Super Metroid Brinstar [Super Metroid]
13. The Vagrance - Metroid Fusion Dubstep/House RMX [Metroid Fusion]
14. RSK - Kraid's Krib [Metroid]
15. Rumblejunkie - Belmont [Castlevania]
16. RSK - Castle Mania [Castlevania]
17. Joker - Snake Eater [Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater]
18. Two Beans - Staa Man [Mega Man 5]


Press Start to Play!

07 January 2011

DJ.2B - 7 Jan 11 - Friday Schmiday

Bored at home with nothing to do. Recorded a mix. Used a number of tracks from the Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz Free Compilation (get it now). New roommate complained about the noise midway while I was recording. Philistine.

Extra credit if you can catch my mess-ups! Enjoy!


01. Kromestar - Inside
02. iFA - Puzzle
03. The Secret Lemon Project - Alien
04. Tigerlips - Oslo
05. Addison Groove - Footcrab VIP
06. Doctor P - Sweet Shop [Taiki Bitter remix]
07. Marshy - Get On Up (Get Into It)
08. Matty G - Watching You
09. Flux Pavilion - Normalize
10. Magnetic Man - The Bug
11. Von D - Incognito
13. Benga - Another Snatch Mix

Length 32:13

Download and listen, not like you had anything to do tonight anyway...