08 October 2011

FILTH FM - Shux with Guest Mix 2Beans - Thursday 29th September

I dropped by Shux's place the other day to be a guest on his FILTH.FM show. My man brings in the grimyniss for the first hour, and then I drop my originals and remixes before taking it deep for the close.

I'd also like to knote that apperently High-Ride has the know-how to operate a microphone much better than I do. My entire "Shux is holding me hostage at gunpoint to introduce myself" introduction is inaudible. welp.

Download link - http://filthfm.podomatic.com/enclosure/2011-10-04T23_19_53-07_00.mp3

2B Guest Mix Setlist.

01. Two Beans vs The Evolution Control Committee - The Fucking Moon
02. Two Beans - Moonlight Dub
03. Two Beans - Foregone Destruction (Skaarj Assault Remix)
04. Two Beans - Far Eye
05. Two Beans - Tha Tinkle Choon
06. Two Beans - Agent of Chaos
07. Addison Groove - Footcrab (2B.rmx)
08. Filth Collins & Pop The Hatch - Let Me Go (2B.rmx)
09. Percept - Mind Games
10. V.i.v.e.k - Feel It
11. Hatcha & Kromestar - Cibertron
12. Cyrus - Visions
13. Silkie - Snowed In
14. Dee:see - Take It Back A Decade
15. Emalkay - A. G. S
16. Maddslinky - 50 Shades of Peng (feat Skream)
17. MRK1 - Trip Down the Nile
18. sMILOdon - Play The Roots (mysteriously cut due to technical difficulties)
19. V.i.v.e.k - Roots
20. sMILOdon - Vibes
21. P-Note - Meditation

Mix permalink - http://filthfm.podomatic.com/entry/2011-10-04T23_19_53-07_00

Shux - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shux/218249704879748
FILTH.FM - http://www.filth.fm/ | http://filthfm.podomatic.com

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Rev. Ivan Stang said...

Congratulations. Your live show from 14X-Day Drill is also being used on several Hours of Slack in a row, mostly behind credits and rants, but I have to be VERY CAREFUL because there be "fucks" shouted in there!