11 July 2011

X-Day 14 Sets

Three sets for ya'll to peep recorded at THE End of the World to end all Ends of the Worlds. First off is my solo set recorded as part of the "Renegade 'Frop Sessions" all-night Not-A-Rave event. The audio quality isn't the bestest, but for something not from the boards it's still pretty good.

After that are the two part 6 Fisted Tales of Connie impromptu jam session (recorded from the boards this time). Featuring myself with dubs and trying to act like I can scratch, Suds Pshaw on guitar, Slanderbob also on guitar, Bishop Stick on bass guitar, Hazel Desmoulins on the motherfucking SITAR, with additional backup by I forget who on tabla, and Thatan on kazoo and slide-whistle (hey, it's a SubGenius jam). TABLA BEATOFF SCIENCE, NUGGA WUT.

Here's the dl'z

DJ.2B at X-Day 14
6 Fisted Tales of Connie part 1
6 Fisted Tales of Connie part 2


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