27 June 2009

DJ.2B - A Message to the Men from Planet X - 27 Jun 09

Maybe if enough people play this mix in their cars en route to Brushwood, the UFOs will catch a clue this year.

Rev. Sweetness McGee - X-Day Trailer II
FSTZ - Alien Contact
Jeekoos - Invasion
The Widdler - Spaceship Earth
Ultrablack - Invaders
Yong - Men of Earth/Men of Earth (The Widdler Remix)
Zomby - Spaceman
Excision & Noiz - Do It Now
Blackheart - Dum Dumz (HD4000 Remix)
Norrisman - Big Long Gun (MRK1 Remix)
Kromestar - Killer Ray
Coki - The End
Rev. Sweetness McGee - X-Day Trailer

192kbps .mp3

X-Day - http://www.subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devivals/12XDay/12X-Day.html


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