10 July 2009

DJ.2B - X-Day X-Dub - LIVE at Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman NY - 3 July 09

Here it is, the recording of my 2hr solo set, plagued with technical difficulties, lack of monitors, oh yeah there's also the "meds" I was on due to my ruptured disk (spinal not vinyl) acting up on me at the time.

The volume on this one jumps around at times, being quiet one moment, clipping on another. Still gonna put this out for anyone that's interested.

Hopefully soon I can get the recordings of the Secret X-Day Renegade Session from Dr. Agon Fly and be able to share that as well. That motherfucker rocked the shit.

Many thanks for the artists that created the tracks used.

Anyway, enjoy.

Format: .mp3
Size: 176 MB
Length: 02:08:53

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