07 November 2009

DJ.2B - FiyaDance - 8 Nov 09

Yeah, its been awhile since I last posted a mix. Been busy gittin' my thangs handled. Pees and Queues. Etc. Anyhoo, I've been sitting on this one for a while in progress. I fixed me a rum and coke, opened up Ableton, and finally got around to getting this one done.

This is the first mix I've completed in Ableton, the other mixes posted here were on the fly live sets where this one was all about sliding wavefiles around, matching up the jaggy lines, and other very technical terms.

This was also the request of a very special internet and not so internet friend of mine who asked me if I could make a mix that she can firedance to.

Here ya go, Sunny :)

DJ.2B - FiyaDance - 8 Nov 09
192kbps .mp3

Requested by Sunshine

1. Roommate - Flammable
2. F1 & Kromestar - Mo Fire
3. Hellfire Machina - 3 Prayers To Buddha
4. Digital Mystikz & Loefah - Jah Fire
5. 6Blocc - Keep the Fire Burning
6. DZ - The Fireman
7. Tes la Rok - Livin' Fire
8. Hellfire Machina - Buddhafist Style
9. Vex'd - Fire

Download here

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